Kasten, Erich (ed.)
Properties of Culture - Culture as Property                                                                          
Pathways to Reform in Post-Soviet Siberia
Siberian Studies
2004, Dietrich Reimer Verlag Berlin
323 pp., 19 illus., 1 map, index, 13,5 x 20,5 cm
Euro 39,­ (D) / sFr 67,50 paper, ISBN 3-496-02768-1

Indigenous groups are reshaping and claiming possession of symbols, not only in the Russian North and other circumpolar regions but worldwide. In addition to material objects and practices, knowledge itself is increasingly claimed as the exclusive heritage of a specific group, whose members then assert privileges on this basis. The commodification of culture as a form of property is a product of complex processes of identity construction. Native groups in the circumpolar North, although sharing similar natural environments, have experienced very different political histories. This book explores the consequences of this variation for the ways in which culture is nowadays celebrated, but also manipulated and reified. The main focus is on Siberia, but the studies will also be of interest to all those following the theoretical and practical debates concerning three key concepts of contemporary anthropology: culture, property and indigeneity.

Erich Kasten
Preface 1  PDF


Erich Kasten
Ways of owning and sharing cultural property 9  PDF

Imagined authenticities and complex realities

Barbara Bodenhorn
Is being "really" Iñupiaq a form of cultural property? 35  PDF

Alexander D. King
The authenticity of cultural properties in the Russian Far East 51  PDF  

Aimar Ventsel
Sakha pop music and ethnicity 67  PDF

Trond Thuen
Culture as property? Some Saami dilemmas 87  PDF

Law and the protection of native culture

Silke von Lewinski
Protecting cultural expressions: The perspective of law 111  PDF

Andrew Wiget and Olga Balalaeva
Culture, commodity and community: Developing the Khanty-Mansi Okrug Law on protecting native folklore 129   PDF

Alona Yefimenko
Sacred sites and sanctuaries in Northern Russia 159  PDF

Museum collections and cultural heritage

Thomas Ross Miller
Object lessons: Collecting wooden spirits and wax voices
as Cultural Property 171   PDF

Julia A. Kupina
Heritage and/or property: The ethnographic collections in Russian museums 203   PDF

Sonja Lührmann
Beyond repatriation: Collaborations between museums and Alaska native communities 217 PDF

The politics of culture in ethnonational discourses

Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer
Whose homeland is it? Shifting boundaries and multiple identities
in the Russian Federation North 233  PDF

Tatiana Argounova-Low
Diamonds: Contested symbol in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 257  PDF

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Traditionalism and neoliberalism: The Norwegian folk dress in the 21st century 267  PDF


Chris Hann
The cartography of copyright cultures versus the proliferation
of public properties 289  PDF

Notes on the contributors 305

Index 309