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the fall festival of the Itelmens in Kamchatka
Kovran (Tigil’ski district), September 18-22, 2001

Videos, video-editing: Erich Kasten
Technical realization: Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr
DVD (58 min.) English / Russian subtitles
2015 Kulturstiftung Sibirien / ISBN 978-3-942883-24-5 / 18,00 €

In the late 1980s, in the wake of perestroika, a cultural revival took place among the Itelmens. During the Alkhalalalai festival ancient worldviews of this people are remembered. Rituals that were once made for reconciliation with nature are re-staged.  Furthermore, this DVD portrays other social activities and dance performances by dance ensembles during the festival.

Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge
Comparative Views on Indigenous Learning Situations from Russia,
Peru and Papua New Guinea

Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr (eds.)
DVD (77 min.)  English / Russian / Spanish subtitles
2015 Kulturstiftung Sibirien / ISBN 978-3-942883-21-4 / 18,00 €

During the workshop on Preserving Endangered Languages and Local Knowledge,
convened at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in 2011, learning tools and
community initiatives from various parts of the world were discussed. With this
DVD some of the initiatives and pedagogical approaches are shared among the
indigenous communities that were portrayed in the films, as well as with others
who are facing similar situations and concerns.
Shamanic Worldviews in Indigenous and Western Art
Videos: Erich Kasten, Martin Uhrmeister, Thomas R. Miller
Video-editing: Erich Kasten
English subtitles: Erich Kasten and Thomas R. Miller
Technical realization: Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr
DVD (50 min.)  German / English / Russian subtitles
2012 Kulturstiftung Sibirien / ISBN 978-3-942883-02-3 / 18,00 €

This DVD presents a dual theme of the exhibition “Shamans of Siberia”, shown at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart, 13.12.08 - 28.06.09: the persistence of traditional shamanic worldviews in Siberia today, and artistic transformations of shamanistic motifs beyond the north. The films show indigenous people in dialogue with the cultural heritage of their past, and contemporary interpretations of shamanic images by western artists engaged in exploratory exchange with the living cultural traditions of Siberia.

Feasting with the Seals: Koryaks and Evens in the Russian Far East
Videos, video-editing and text: Erich Kasten
Editors: Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr
DVD (58 min.)  German / English / Russian subtitles
2005 Berlin: Zentral- Landesbibliothek
ISBN 3-925516-30-X
18,00 €

Reindeer herding, fishing and hunting characterize everyday life on the tundra and along the coasts of Kamchatka peninsula. This documentary focuses on crafts, narrative forms and feasts. It was produced for the travelling exhibit "Maintaining the Traditional – Embracing the New: Art and Culture from Kamchatka", first shown at the Central and Regional Library of Berlin, January 29 - April 2, 2005. The one-hour film provides fascinating insights into people's lives in the Russian Far East.
Die das Rentier tanzen: Korjaken und Evenen im Fernen Osten Russlands
Videos, video-editing and text: Erich Kasten
Editors: Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr
DVD (63 min.)  German / English / Russian subtitles
2003 Westfälisches Museum für Naturkunde Münster & Dietrich Reimer Verlag Berlin
ISBN 3-924590-79-6  /  ISBN 3-496-02765-7
25,00 € [D] | 46,00 SFR [CH]
Rentierhaltung, Fischfang und Jagd prägen den Alltag in der Tundra und an den Küsten der Halbinsel Kamtschatka. Auch Tanz und Musik spielen bei den dort lebenden Völkern eine wichtige Rolle. Sie sind Bestandteil der Feste und werden ebenfalls in modernen künstlerischen Interpretationen gezeigt. Diese einstündige Dokumentation bietet faszinierende Einblicke in das Leben der Menschen im Fernen Osten Russlands.