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Imagination and play in children's reflections on cultural life: Implications for cultural continuity and educational practice
Koester, David PDF
Traditionalism and neoliberalism: The Norwegian folk dress in the 21st century
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland PDF
Sámi language in Finish schools
Aikio-Puoskari, Ulla PDF
Kulturwandel bei den Samen: Eine ethnohistorische Untersuchung zum Kulturkontakt in Schwedisch-Lappland
Kasten, Erich
Sami shamanism from a diachronic point of view
Kasten, Erich PDF
Schamanismus der Samen: Fragen zur Variation eines religiösen Vorstellungskomplexes
Kasten, Erich
Soviet and post-Soviet reindeer-herding collectives: Transitional slogans in Murmansk region
Konstantinov, Yulian PDF
Culture as property? Some Saami dilemmas
Thuen, Trond PDF

The Dynamics of Identity Management
Kasten, Erich PDF

Including indigenous culture and language in higher education: The case of the Komi republic
Fryer, Paul PDF
How to turn a reindeer pasture into an oil well, and vice versa: Transfer of land, compensation and reclamation  in the Komi Republic
Habeck, Joachim Otto PDF

Dimensions of Identity
Habeck, Joachim Otto PDF

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