Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology 

General editors: Erich Kasten and David Koester

This series contains monographs in Social and Cultural Anthropology on Siberian cultures. The volumes are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board whose members are: Dittmar Dahlmann, Michael Duerr, Gail Fondahl, Tjeerd de Graaf, Roberte Hamayon, Marjorie Mandelstam-Balzer, Anna Sirina and Hiroki Takakura.

The series is intended primarily for students, scholars and for all those who have an interest in Siberian and Northern ethnology, and in understanding the tremendous changes that indigenous, rural and urban communities in these regions have experienced in the recent past. This series complements the historical works of the SEC's Bibliotheca Kamtschatica and the community-oriented and pedagogical publications of the Language & Culture DVD series.

Stephan Dudeck
Der Tag des Rentierzüchters:
Repräsentation indigener Lebensstile
zwischen Taigawohnplatz und Erdölstadt in Westsibirien

2013, Fürstenberg/Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien
351 pp., 20 Farbabbildungen
ISBN: 978-3-942883-17-7
Euro 34; paperback
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Tatiana Bulgakova
Nanai Shamanic Culture in Indigenous Discourse

2013, Fürstenberg/Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien
264 pp., 5 Farbabbildungen
ISBN: 978-3-942883-14-6
Euro 28, USD 39; paperback
(in englischer Sprache)
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Anett C. Oelschlägel
Plurale Weltinterpretationen:
Das Beispiel der Tyva Südsibiriens

2013, Fürstenberg/Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien
308 pp., 103 Farbabbildungen
ISBN: 978-3-942883-13-9
Euro 32; paperback
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