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Некоторые соображения к перспективам традиционного природопользования коренных народов Западной Сибири
[On the perspectives of traditional resource use of the native people in Western Siberia]
Dudeck, Stephan PDF

Khanty language and lower school education: Native, second or foreign language?
Jääsalmi-Krüger, Paula PDF

Whose homeland is it? Shifting boundaries and multiple identities in the Russian Federation North
Mandelstam Balzer, Marjorie PDF

Self-Government of the indigenous minority peoples of  West Siberia: Analysis of law and practice
Novikova, Natalia PDF

Самоуправление коренных народов Севера и Сибири и принципы его моделирования
[Self-government of the native peoples of the North and of Siberia and principles of its modeling]
Pesikova, A.S. PDF

Do the Khanty need a Khanty curriculum? Indigenous concepts of school education
Ventsel. Aimar and Stephan Dudeck PDF

Culture, commodity and community: Developing the Khanty-Mansi Okrug law on protecting native folklore
Wiget, Andrew and Olga Balalaeva  PDF

Continuity and Change in Eastern Khanty Language and Worldview
Jordan, Peter and Andre Filtchenko PDF
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Heritage and/or property: The ethnographic collections in Russian museums
Kupina, Julia A. PDF

Transition period in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug: Changing and unchanging life of Nenets people
Tuisku, Tuula PDF

Sacred sites and sanctuaries in northern Russia
Yefimenko, Alona PDF

The Obshchina Movement in Yamal: Defending Territories to Build Identities?
Stammler, Florian PDF


Land use and economic change among the Dolgan and Nganasan
Ziker, John P. PDF


The problems of preserving the language and culture of  Selkups
Kim, Aleksandra PDF

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