Kasten, Erich (ed.)
People and the Land
Pathways to Reform in Post-Soviet Siberia
Siberian Studies
2002, Dietrich Reimer Verlag Berlin
257 pp., 2 maps, 13,5 x 20,5 cm
Euro 29,- (D) / sFr 49,- paper, ISBN 3-496-02743-6                                                                 

While much has been written on post-Soviet change in Russian urban centres, we still know very little about how these changes have affected peoples' lives in rural communities. This is nowhere more true than in the vast regions of Siberia and the North. This volume fills this gap with in-depth studies of how people with different cultural backgrounds, often living in extreme natural environments, are coping with dramatic and rapid political and economic transformations. It shows how the fate of postsocialist reforms in the Russian North depends largely on striking the right balance between exploitation of the region's strategic natural resources and concern for environmental impacts and the survival of local people. The authors, among them many of the leading scholars of the Russian North, place their accounts within the context of wider, comparative enquiries into the nature of postsocialist societies.

Erich Kasten
Introduction 1   PDF

Ways of Knowing and Indigenous People's Linking to the Land

Igor Krupnik and Nikolai Vakhtin
In the 'House of Dismay': Knowledge, culture, and post-Soviet politics in Chukotka,
1995­-1996 7   PDF

David Koester
When the Fat Raven sings: Mimesis and environmental alterity in Kamchatka's environmentalist age 45   PDF

Alexander D. King
Reindeer herders' culturescapes in the Koryak Autonomous Okrug 63   PDF

Property Relations and Power Dynamics of Resource Use

Natalia Novikova
Self-government of the indigenous minority peoples of West Siberia: Analysis of law and practice 83   PDF

David G. Anderson
Entitlements, identity and time: Addressing aboriginal rights and nature protection in Siberia's new resource colonies 99   PDF

Joachim Otto Habeck
How to turn a reindeer pasture into an oil well, and vice versa: Transfer of land, compensation and reclamation in the Komi Republic 125   PDF

Emma Wilson
Est' zakon, est' i svoi zakony: Legal and moral entitlements to the fish resources of Nyski Bay, north-eastern Sakhalin 149   PDF

Market Reforms and non-Market Strategies

Yulian Konstantinov
Soviet and post-Soviet reindeer-herding collectives: Transitional slogans in Murmansk region 171  PDF

Tuula Tuisku
Transition period in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug: Changing and unchanging life of Nenets people 189   PDF

John P. Ziker
Land use and economic change among the Dolgan and Nganasan 207   PDF

Nelson Hancock
Is trade traditional? Theorizing economic histories and futures in the New Kamchatka 225 PDF

Tim Ingold
Epilogue 245   PDF

Notes on the Contributors 255