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general editor: Erich Kasten

Kasten, Erich and Tjeerd de Graaf (eds.)
Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge: Learning Tools and Community Initiatives for Preserving Endangered Languages and Local Cultural Heritage.

2013, Fürstenberg/Havel: Kulturstiftung Sibirien
284 pp., 22 color photos (for the North American edition: black & white)
ISBN: 978-3-942883-122
Euro 26, USD 35; paperback


The contributions to this volume present ways in which indigenous knowledge in minority communities is sustained and how attempts are made to safeguard endangered languages. Two recent seminars at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures were devoted to the discussion of community-based pedagogical initiatives in Siberia, with comparative examples from other parts of the world. In this volume, scholars with backgrounds in anthropology, linguistics and in the use of new media share their experiences of how to design adequate learning tools in collaboration with their native colleagues. In their articles they discuss previous shortcomings and limitations, with the aim of exploring future directions for maintaining cultural diversities, not only in Siberia, but also among many other peoples of the world.

Erich Kasten and Tjeerd de Graaf
Introduction   7   PDF

Programmes to Preserve Endangered Languages

Tjeerd de Graaf and Cor van der Meer
Multilingualism and Language Teaching in Europe: The Case of Frisian and the Work of the Mercator European Research Centre   17   PDF
Victor Denisov and Tjeerd de Graaf
The Use of Sound Archives for the Investigation, Teaching and Safeguarding of Some Endangered Uralic Languages   35   PDF

Tjeerd de Graaf and Hidetoshi Shiraishi
Documentation and Revitalisation of Two Endangered Languages in Eastern Asia:
Nivkh and Ainu    49   PDF

Community Experiences and Alternative Pedagogical Concepts in the Russian North

Erich Kasten
Learning Tools for Preserving Languages and Traditional Knowledge in Kamchatka    65   PDF

Cecilia Odé
Learning your Endangered Native Language in a Small Multilingual Community:
The Case of Tundra Yukagir in Andriushkino    89   PDF

Alexandra Lavrillier
Anthropology and Applied Anthropology in Siberia: Questions and Solutions concerning a Nomadic School among Evenki Reindeer Herders    105   PDF

Stephan Dudeck
Challenging the State Educational System in Western Siberia:
Taiga School by the Tiuitiakha River     129   PDF

Elena Liarskaya
Boarding School on Yamal: History of Development and Current Situation    159    PDF

Roza Laptander
Model for the Tundra School in Yamal: a New Education System for Children
from Nomadic and Semi-nomadic Nenets Families    181   PDF

Michael Rießler
Towards a Digital Infrastructure for Kildin Saami    195   PDF

Experiences in Preserving Indigenous Languages and Knowledge
from other Parts of the World

Olivia Kraef
Building Yi (M)other Tongue: Virtual Platforms, Language Maintenance
and Cultural Awareness in a Chinese Minority Context    219    PDF

Teresa Valiente Catter and Michael Dürr
Bilingual Intercultural Education in the Andes    249    PDF

Nikolai Vakhtin
Epilogue    259   PDF

Appendix    PDF

Illustrations     269
Notes on the contributors     270
Index    275