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Ethnographic Library on CD
Editors: Michael Dürr and Erich Kasten

Spirit of the North. Shamanistic Traditions of Kamchatka in Dance and Music Schamanistische Traditionen Kamtschatkas in Tanz und Musik
Erich Kasten, Michael Dürr
Münster, Berlin: Waxmann 1998

The Russian Far East is known for its shamanistic traditions. In recent years there has been a revitalization of ethnic identities, leading to renewed recognition of these traditions among the Itelmen, Koryak and Even peoples of Kamchatka.
Through dance and music clips, as well as photos and the written word, this CD documents ongoing oral traditions, family songs and dances. These are not only the expression of cultural continuity. They also reflect the interaction between the traditional and the modern. Dance, music and art all demonstrate the cultural dynamism of the artistic process among the peoples of the North.

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Children's Drawings from Siberia and the North Pacific Rim.
Kinderzeichnungen aus Sibirien und von der Nordpazifikküste
Erich Kasten, Michael Dürr
Münster, Berlin: Waxmann 1999

Indigenous groups living in the tundra and taiga regions of Siberia and in the coastal areas of the North Pacific rim have succeeded to maintain many aspects of their cultural practices and languages. But in recent years their lives are quickly changing. While many welcome new aspects of life, they are also anxious about preserving the cultural practices of their ancestors. In this transitional period parents and educators are seeking appropriate ways to transmit traditional culture to their children, while simultaneously preparing them for so-called "modern" life.
Besides giving an overview on community efforts in bicultural education among indigenous groups in Siberia and from the North Pacific rim, this multimedia CD contains a great variety of children's narratives, paintings and drawings. Their artwork reflects children's perspectives on traditional and contemporary life. Photographs and video-clips illustrate community activities and events, and the context from which their artwork arose. This edition complements the book of E. Kasten "Kinder malen ihre Welt" (Waxmann 1998).

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Itelmen Language and Culture.
Michael Dürr, Erich Kasten, Klavdiia N. Khaloimova
Münster, Berlin: Waxmann 2001

Itelmen is one of the seriously endangered languages of the North Pacific rim spoken in Kamchatka (Russia). The CD is one of the outgrowths of a project in which native and western experts collaborate to preserve Itelmen language and traditional culture.
The trilingual CD (Itelmen, Russian, and English) not only addresses to a scholarly audience but also serves pedagogical purposes in Kamchatka. It is based on the illustrated schoolbook "Historical and ethnographical materials for the Itelmen language" which contains vocabulary and phrases arranged for topic in Southern Itelmen (Khairyuzovo). This material is supplemented by selected Northern Itelmen (Sedanka) vocabulary, a few texts, and a dialect word list of the Kamchadal dialect of Russian. All linguistic data are given in written form and as audio (approx. 2 hours of sound files). Additional visual materials on traditional culture such as photographs and a few movies are included as well.

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